Simplicity, functionality, beauty, harmony, amazement, emotion, haste, fun, joy, but where did I put the keys?... how much woman is in every Nicoli
Every time we create a new collection, we always try to identify ourselves with those who choose our bags, with those who will share a lot of hours in the day with that “model”: women who travel, who live here or anywhere around the world, who are strong, but who can get emotional in front of something they love, who are practical and want to share it through the purse they choose. Yes, women's time has always inspired our work, ever since we created our first bag in 1975. Women guide our research into materials, colours, shapes. We think about them, about their gestures even when we get down to the details, to the attention to the seams and to the raw cut trim. A woman looks at everything and can see everything in a purse. So do our designers who are young and always look curiously to the future.
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